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Remarks made by visitors concerning cash withdrawals at ATMs. It seems that depending on your country, and also on your bank, you can’t withdraw everywhere.
For example, New Zealanders or Japanese can only withdraw from the Bank of Tahiti, Americans from the Bank of Polynesia while, for the French, it seems there are no difficulties. But if problems occur, and the bank is open, enquire within. The problem is not necessarily due to your credit card


It depends, of course, primarily on your budget. But I will make a list of the most important ones. Note that vendors have to label imported products.

  • Monoï : home-made on the market of Papeete, cosmetic in supermarkets.
  • Tamanu oil : magic oil that heals all kinds of little aches and pains etc., you will find it on the market, in pharmacies and supermarkets.
  • Pareu : you can buy them in various types and at different prices.  Some of them are local products others are imported from Asia. The latter with Polynesian patterns, are designed in Tahiti but produced elsewhere. You have simple ones that are only coloured and the motives are realised by folding the tissue or by using printing blocks which leave traces in the sun. Others are hand-painted and are little marvels, which explains their price.
  • Black pearls of Tahiti:their denomination as “black” pearls is not at all adequate because you can find them in all kinds of iridescent colours that can be found in the oyster shells that produce the pearl. You can find them for all kinds of tastes and budgets. If you have the chance that you are here during a craft fair you will see beautiful original pieces. There are many jewellers in Papeete so you will have a big choice.
  • Baskets and hats : they are plaited with pandanus and have an indescribable subtlety
  • Tifaifai :local patchwork, quite expensive but there are some magnificent ones.
  • Vanilla : buy preferably on Tahaa, Raiatea, Huahine and Moorea, but you find it also at the market in Papeete.
  • Sculptures : There are several galleries in Papeete and Moorea to bring back home a Marquesan craft object.

SHOPS IN MOOREA : my list contains only shops that I personally know.

  • Gallery in Haapiti « Petit Village », Hauru, sells objects from several artists of the island. A big choice not far away.
  • In the same area are jewellers and pareo shops
  • « L’atelier du Chat » in Tiahura : magnificent art objects and sculptures
  • In Haapiti, little pearl shop around the PK 24.700, seaside. Artisan perlier
  • Maharepa : “la maison blanche” has a good choice of original pareos and the owner is very nice!

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