Organic plantation in Moorea

Sam was born in the Fa’a’apu (plantation). Growing up he made his first try with his grandfather who shared his passion for the earth. Cultivations were already organic, although the word was unknown at the time. Since then habits have changed, and some farmers resorted to chemical fertilisers and pesticides.


Sam has never used them. On a small scale, he cultivates a family ground and has learned some additional techniques during his training in biological agriculture to fight against diseases and insects. He uses only the liquid manure of plants, coffee grounds and, along with good plantation management, several other little tricks even if the fight is unequal and, slowly but surely, they provide satisfying results. Based on our experiences, we doubt that biological cultivation is possible on a large scale to satisfy the increasing demand for natural products. (Thus, there is bio and bio?) because mass agriculture inevitably uses pesticides and authorised chemical fertilisers.
To ensure you eat organic, plant your own fruits and vegetables!


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