Our “hut” in the valley

It had been a long time since Sam wished to return on his grandfather’s land. It took to him almost two years for convincing me and here we are in the valley of Oio in Haapiti.
We dreamt of a house which becomes integrated into the luxuriant vegetation, and we are rather happy of the result. It isfrom the combination of our two personalities. I imagined it and Sam built it in family, with his uncle Noël, his two brothers, Alexandre and Jérémie and his brother-in-law Tommy.
I invite you to discover our big hut, my child’s dream in the size of adult.

We began by recycle most possible materials.
Sam and his brother Jérémie went in the forest to cut the big bamboo which served to build the facade side. Tehy had to use a chain saw to cut down them, then transport them  seaside. In Tahiti, to handle the wood and protect it from the attack of insects, we  dip it into sea water about ten days. It is necessary that the sea water can penetrate inside, and as bamboo is constituted by compartments, both brothers pierced them throughout, lengthwise, with a big and long steel reinforcement bar.
Aitos used for posts was cut on a family ground. For this rot-proof wood, no need of the passage in the lagoon.

And then we also collected hundreds of stones for the low walls of the garden and for the bathroom. We do not count any more the number of drive  with our  suzuki samurai. But I dreamed about a big bathroom, in natural materials, and “Italian-style”. Sam is inexhaustible on the subject when we have visitors. But I had in mind exactly what I wanted. And everybody knows that ” A woman’s will is God’s will. ”
Our doors, are big and sliding, a little bit Japanese-style. It is to allow a good aeration of the house. Walls do not go up to the ceiling. When the wind is strong, and it works also in case of cyclone,  it does not set resistance against the wind and resists much better. But, tree leaves cover the floor of the house. Tommy, our brother-in-law  made these recommendations. In the building originally, but reconverted tattoo artist, he was the project manager and made our dream possible with the rest of the men of the family.
I almost forgot: for the electricity it is me and my son Damien; for the decoration, that will be the object of another article!
Then, we built the garage, with its mezzanine which we fitted out in big room to welcome  visitors via Airbnb.

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