Pumpkin soup

Sam works hard in his fa’a’apu so the harvests are plentiful.

I had to be creative, because even if we gave a lot of them, we had more in the garden!  So, I cooked our pumpkins different ways : Steamed with a knob of butter, chicken sauté with pumpkin, pumpkin and lime jam, pumkin and beef with ginger, soup…….

Pumpkin Soup

To prepare my soup, I just added salt, 1 oignon for one big pumpkin as in the photo, water.
Cook medium low for 30 minutes.
Once cooked, smash it until obtaining a smooth cream.
At the time of savouring this soup, I add it some fresh coriander chopped finely and a little hot pepper.

For the rest, no wasting, a part was frozen for our famous Polynesian dessert, the po’ e. I cooked some of them as soup  and sterilized. This quality of pumpkin is particularly delicious. I sometimes cooked some which were floury. Not those. They are FLAVOURFUL AND ORGANIC, slightly sweetened!

Not easy to find a sterilizer in Tahiti. Fortunately Héloïse, our niece, webmaster, community manager was in charge of finding one in Paris. Then, our friends Elena and Jean-Jacques who were travelling to Tahiti brought it.

Thanks to this big support.

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