Sam’s ancestors – Part 1

Sam, a descendant of great cheafs.

Whether on his mum or dad side, Samuel, Heitekava, Piirani would be a descendant of two royal families, great cheafs. To see his physical warrior, I would say that I suspected it!
Part 1  : His father, Tipulisio, is from Wallis but the origin of his family is Futuna.

sam maraeBack in the past:

Daniel Frimigacci, in his book of ethnoarchaeology “At the time of the black earth”, as well as Frederic Angleviel, in “The missions to Wallis and Futuna in the nineteenth century” evoke the origin of the family Folituu.
Everything begins with a legend: in Futuna, it is said that Lupe, the goddess of the Sau, after being rejected a first time by the future leader she had chosen, appeared a second time to incarnate in the person of Folituu.

On a  historical point of view, Daniel Frimigacci explains that Futuna was populated around 700 BC, it was the beginning of the occupation of the coast. In the middle of the first millennium of our era the valleys and plateaus were gradually occupied by units organized by kinship. At this time, appear the first “kutuga” (prestigious ancestor), including Folituu in Toloke. Around 1800, it is a Folituu, who reigns in Sigave.
Later, the Folituu left Futuna to settle in Wallis. In the family it is said that they had to flee after the assassination of another Ariki (chief). Historically, we find the trace of a great leader, Veliteki, killed by a Folituu while a war of territory rages between 1812 and 1840.
Frimigacci also said that the remains of the chief’s daughter had been found in the Folituu’s fale (house): an arm that had not been eaten! After all, that may be the reason for their hasty departure ….

Part 2 to be continued …. His mother, Mesmine Amaru, was born in Makatea, Tuamotu archipelgo, but his family tree connects her to Mangaia Island in the Cook Islands and the Numangatini Chiefdom.

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