Bread fruit “croquettes”

It’s the season to harvest the uru (bread fruit), and my freezer is full of the gnocchis I have prepared.

I already gave you my recipe on the website. Sam and I did something like 10 kilos…… It’s time for new ideas in order to preserve the bread fruit. That’s why I thought to cook some croquettes. The recipe is below the photo.
croquettes de uru














1 boiled uru medium size. Smash it. You can also use potatoes.
2 eggs
½ minced oignon
5 minced garlic cloves
4 ham sliced thinly
150 g of bacon cut in smal peaces
100 g of swiss cheese
Salt, Pepper

Mix. Take a soup spoon very full of some mixture. Roll in flour and flatten it.

Fried it.

I served with vegetables of our garden : cucumber and salad.

I froze the rest on a flat dish, then put it in a bag for later. Home made is better and cheaper.



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